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  • Fake Vs Natural

    There are many different ways to achieve what we want in life, and it's very possible to take a more natural route instead of one that is "fake". Live a “Real” Life with the tips below that focus on showing the “Real” You in both attitudes and appearance.

    Posted by Pearlie White
  • Oral Health Conditions and Oral Care Practices At Different Stages of A Woman’s Life

    We focus on the different oral health conditions and oral care practices that women have to take note of at different stages of their life. Click on the heading to read more

    Posted by Pearlie White
  • The Half-Truths And Absolute Truths To Having Naturally White Teeth

    We all want naturally whiter teeth. And there is a lot of information online on how you can achieve this. But you have to separate what is true and what is half-true.

    Click on the heading to learn how to distinguish between the two.

    Posted by Pearlie White
  • Protect Your Smile Naturally: 6 Natural Ingredients to Look Out For in Your Toothpaste


    What do YOU put in your mouth? Many of us try to eat wholesome, natural foods to keep healthy, but don’t forget about what you use on your teeth. Did you know that many toothpastes today contain ingredients like triclosan, fluoride and SLS that can do more harm than good? Fight stains, gingivitis and cavities with all-natural super ingredients instead. Look out for these 6 ingredients in your toothpaste and sleep easy knowing you’re protecting that smile of yours, naturally!

    Posted by Pearlie White
  • Tips for You to Enjoy your Favourite Hot/Cold Food & Drinks Even if You Have Sensitive Teeth

    If you have sensitive teeth, then you'll find you "CANNOT" eat and drink cold or hot without experiencing stinging pain. So then what “CAN”? Well, everything “CAN” if you are smart about how you eat and drink. Click on the heading to get tips on how to enjoy your favourite hot/cold food and drinks without aching sensitive teeth.

    Posted by Pearlie White