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There are different ways to achieve what we want in life, and it's very possible to take a more natural route instead of one that is "fake". Live a “Real” Life with the tips below that focus on showing the “Real” You in both attitudes and appearance.



Fake: Being insincere

How many times has someone walked past you and said "Hey, how do you do!" but never waited for your answer? Whether family members, friends, acquaintances or colleagues, we’re bound to face people who don’t really seem to care.

And sometimes it can really hurt a person. Take for an example if your best friend had a case of bad breath and you just couldn’t bring yourself to telling her/him about it for fear of hurting her/his feelings. You could actually be doing more harm than just showing some insincerity.

Natural: Be real

Some self-awareness is needed – pay attention to when you say or do something that feels out of line with your beliefs – that will keep you as genuine as you can be. Projecting this real self to people means you’ll genuinely be interested in them, and show that you care. And this will bounce back in the form of meaningful relationships!

Back to the example of bad breath and deciding whether to tell your friend for fear of hurting her/his feelings. Bad breath can be caused by more than just poor dental hygiene. It could be due to infections in the mouth, metabolic disorders and even some cancers.

The faster your friend knows the truth, the better.

Hopefully it’s something that a little bit of good antibacterial mouth rinse and good tooth and gum care products can take care of.




Fake: Artificial colouring

We love it when our food comes in bright bold colours, but word of caution: there have been cases that show a link between artificial food colouring in food and allergic reactions, hyperactivity especially in children etc. You might say it won’t happen to you if you consume them only occasionally, but the fact of the matter is, best to avoid.

Natural: Colours from food

Natural colours exist amongst us everywhere, if we just take some time to look around us. If you like colour in your cooking but without taking a toxic gamble, look to natural food sources to add a little hue from the rainbow. For example, beetroot for red, carrots for orange, spinach for green, etc! You’ll be able to eat with ease using the colours of nature straight from the ground.

Don’t forget to choose natural when it comes to what you use to clean your teeth with: Toothpaste.

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