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ID/2 Interdental Brush Handle
with 2 Interdental Brushes

Rs. 1,170.00 Rs. 820.00


    There are some places that a toothbrush just can't reach. That's why we've designed ID/2 Interdental Brushes and Brush Handle - to go where no toothbrush can go.

    Our Interdental Brushes clean effectively around bridges, braces and wide interdental spaces.Our Brush Handle helps you maneuver the brush easily and reach those hard to reach places.

    Together, they efficiently remove food and plaque stuck in between your teeth or in other awkward places.


    Cleans effectively around bridges, braces and wide interdental spaces.
    Efficiently removes accumulated food and plaque in between your teeth that toothbrush bristles can't reach.
    Durable high tensile strength stainless steel wire stem and memory retentive nylon bristles.
    Made in the UK.


    Insert interdental brush carefully in the spaces between your teeth.
    Use a gentle, straight, back and forth motion to remove any food particles or plaque.
    Do not force.


    To insert brush into handle:

    Slide the head of the handle upwards.
    Insert the wire extension of the inderdental brush through the hole.
    Slide the head downwards until it snaps back into place.


    To remove brush from handle:

    Slide the head of the handle upwards and pull out the interdental brush.
    Change the brush when the bristles are worn out or bent out of shape.